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About Cabinet & Stone Expo

About Cabinet & Stone Expo

Cabinet & Stone Expo is your one-stop and most reliable shop when it comes to anything that has to do with cabinet and countertop projects. We have accumulated lots of years in the cabinetry and stone industry, with a focus on bathroom and kitchen niche. From inception, we have maintained a record that boasts of an unbeaten track in our delivery of products and services that leave our customers in awe.

Cabinet & Stone Expo’s commitment to success is built on the foundation of providing outstanding services and premium products at an affordable price.  Our mission is to transform your kitchen and bathroom into a timeless lavish work of art that maintains its initial appeal over a long time. And we are able to achieve this through the effortless input of our highly experienced, trained and knowledgeable staff.

Family Friendly, Gorgeous Kitchen and Bath Cabinetry

We create the most smoothly and beautifully finished cabinets and countertops that hold an elegant spell. All the materials we use for our products are tested to be of the best quality, we won’t opt for less, and neither will we offer any less to you. We take the happiness and safety of our customers into consideration, in all we do.

The Team

Cabinet & Stone Expo is National Kitchen and Bath Approved (NKBA), and is operated by a cheerful team of highly experienced professionals, sales specialists, kitchen designers, and resource procurement specialists. We work together, around the clock, to ensure that your cabinets and countertops are fitted with the aptest custom designs, made from the best resources in the market, finished, delivered and installed in record time. We are the friendliest team of cabinet and counter providers you will ever find in the Hoosier capital.

Our Customers. Our Pride.

We streamline all our services to be customer focused and oriented. And we keep growing through the appreciation and recommendations of our customers, which has taken us thus far. To give back to our customers, we offer our products at the most affordable price they will find anywhere in Indianapolis and Indiana at large. We do this without reducing the quality of our products, as our top quality cabinets and countertops have since inception been an attribute that we are popularly known for.

At Cabinet & Stone Expo, we promise you the best customer experience, and we promise to make your kitchen and bathrooms inspire awe always. We are always willing to make adjustments if you are not initially satisfied.

Take the first step to having your dream kitchen and bathroom – it is not as expensive as you have been thinking. Contact us today, let’s get things started!

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