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State of The Art Fabrication

Cabinet and Stone Expo uses the most advance technology in the stone fabrication department to ensure our customers get the highest quality counter tops at the lowest price point.

BACA Robo Sawjet: Cut granite & quartz slabs at an incredible speed. It reduces cycle time and get maximum yield of each slab, resulting in more efficient counter top production. The robot also provides great flexibility and preciseness. Moreover, its efficiency transform to a much shorter lead time, so that you can get your brand new counter tops faster than before.

Watch out robot in action!

BACA Robo Sawjet also comes with the water jet cutting capability. It shoots out 60,000 PSI water to cut curves, sink cutouts, tight corners & some special shapes, etc. Water jet helps speed up the production and increase accuracy. It also allows us to do more detailed oriented jobs where it was previously impossible.

Watch our water jet technology!

Park Titan CNC Router: Edge profiling, precisely route and polish the edges in various shapes. Our CNC provide consistent, shiny & high quality edge finish. We offer various profile choices that include pencil, bevel, half bullnose, full bullnose, demi & ogee edges. The use of the CNC router sets us apart from our other competitors who use hand-held routers to create the edges other than the pencil edge, which often results in waviness, dips and an uneven edge.

Water our CNC router does the edge polishing!

Fastback Inline Polisher: Provide fast & quality flat edge polishing

Semi Automatic Bridge Saw: Cut stone slabs. The cutting head can tilt to 45 degree to provide mitered cut ability.