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Answers to our most frequently asked questions.

How do I get a quote?

You may visit our office with a drafted measurement, send it through an E- mail or directly fax it to our office. We will be able to estimate a price for you using the given measurements. Of course, this measurement will not be considered as the final value; once you have placed your order, we will come over and take the exact last measurement.

How do I measure my kitchen for cabinets?

Follow this LINK to get detailed information on how to measure your kitchen for cabinet installation.

What do I need to prepare for the template?

To get the best template from us, we advise that all sinks, faucets, and appliances must be onsite. With these items in place, we can take accurate measurements, create designs and make correct cutouts and holes that fit the items correctly.

What do I need to prepare before installation?

All existing countertops MUST be removed prior to installation. We recommend that you remove all drawers & empty all items in your sink cabinet. Cabinets should be as level as possible; we cannot be held responsible for any large gaps due to cabinets being excessively out of level.

Why are some stones more expensive than others?

This price of stones is affected by a lot of factors, which commonly include their availability, color rarity, ease of quarrying processes, etc. Therefore, it is not uncommon to notice significant price differences amongst stones.

How is your cabinets constructed?

Most of the cabinets are all wood construction with solid wood or MDF doors and plywood box interiors. Plywood construction has a sturdier built frame is much stronger than particle board, which tends to swell when in contact with moisture.

What do you mean by soft close feature?

This is a deluxe feature that we add to our cabinets, which acts as a buffer that allows the cabinet drawers and doors to shut quietly. This reduces the impacts that might be caused by forceful slams, making your cabinet to last longer.

How do I clean my granite/quartz countertops?

For everyday cleaning, mild soap and water should be sufficient. There are also cleaners available at the local home improvement stores if you wish to clean them at intervals.

How often do I need to seal my granite countertops?

To get the most out of your granite countertops, you should ensure you seal it once yearly, most preferably once you notice that water has stopped beading on the surface. Always use recommended sealers. Along with the standard one-year sealer that we offer at installation, we also offer 15 years’ worth of sealers at a reduced additional cost.

Why should I opt for all wood?

Bathroom and kitchen cabinets are prone to water absorption, which particle boards do not handle well. Hence, by opting for Plywood (all wood) for your bath and kitchen cabinets, you are assured of higher resistance to steam and water commonly generated in kitchens and bathroom areas.

Do you offer remnant granite and quartz countertops?

Yes! They are available if you’d want to cut back on costs on small projects.

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